Proletarian Gob Issues 2-6 + Special issue

Aug 26, 2014 by

2014-08-26--1409054057_642x902_scrotPROLETARIAN GOB was a irregular anarchist communist zine that was produced in the 90’s and was the forerunner to the idea Nihilist Communism. 

PROLETARIAN GOB is anti-capitalist, anti-state and ant-authoritarian. PROLETARIAN GOB is for the creation of a worldwide, free human community, which can only be achieved by the conscious actions of a revolutionary proletariat acting for itself and not at the direction of some ‘Revolutionary Party’.”

Proletarian Gob Issue 2

Proletarian Gob Issue 3

Proletarian Gob Issue 4

Proletarian Gob Issue 5

Proletarian Gob Issue 6

Proletarian Gob Special Issue

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