Midlands Discussion Forum Presents an Afternoon of Discussion on ‘Brexit and the Imperialist Crisis’

Sep 26, 2016 by

Midlands Discussion Forum presents an afternoon of discussion on ‘Brexit and the Imperialist Crisis’brexit-image-980x817


“For more than 40 years the global imperialist system has been in an insoluble crisis. Throughout all the peaks and troughs the capitalists have tried to restore profitability at the expense of the working-class. During these decades British capitalism has followed a strategy of integration into the European Union while maintaining their “special relationship” with the USA.

The Brexit decision means that the British, European and other imperialist powers will all seek to maximise their opportunities to maintain their exploitative positions. Recent months have seen a renewed round of attacks on the working-class in Britain – assaults and even murder against “non-British” workers, massive cuts in accessible health care, insecure wage slavery where even employed workers are increasingly reliant on the dwindling welfare benefits and Food Banks. The meeting will provide a forum to explore that reality and how it flows from the crisis of the bosses’ rotten system.”

In Sheffield on the 8th of October from 2pm till 6pm upstairs at the Rutland Arms, 86 Brown St, Sheffield, S1 2BS. Which is 5 minutes walk away from both the train and bus station.

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