ICT: Closet Nationalists or Simply Incompetent Fools?

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Back on November 7, 2016 the internationalist Communist Tendency (ICT) produced a statement with the long winded title “Statement of the Internationalist

Communist Tendency on the nationalist metamorphosis of the so-called “Internationalist Comrades” (Greece)” about a Greek group they had been in contact with for a number of years.

At the very beginning of the statement they state that,

Astute readers will have noticed that we are in process of removing all reference to the so-called “Internationalist Comrades” (Greece) and their publication Engymo from our site.

yet 5 months down the line, the ICT website is still sharing articles written by this group, as well as from individuals from the group in various languages. They also seem happy to share direct links to the Engymo website, a group they call nationalists. Whether this is a deliberate act or simply incompetence on the part of the ICT isn’t clear.

What is crystal clear is that this isn’t the first time they have been in league with nationalist groups,

see here


Now many will see this as simply a honest mistake from a group made up, mainly of old men with little understanding of the internet, however the ICT recent history of attempting to cover up rape and domestic violence within its former Canadian section. It’s previous flirtations with nationalist groups and even a recent comment by a leading British member, attempting to blame the German ICT [1] for comments that had actually come from the UK section on a private email list, we believe suggests something more sinister.
The ICT continued sharing of the material from the so-called Internationalist Comrades group in Greece, it’s attempt to cover up rape and domestic violence within its former Canadian section, along with the fact that, even to this day nothing has ever been published in French (The Canadian section first language was French) on the issue of the GIO. This we believe this puts the ICT firmly in the same camp as groups such as the British SWP, who like the ICT have attempted to cover up rape and have supported nationalist groups, that of the enemy camp. 




[1] "this was someone reporting what a German comrade had actually said" 
Also see 

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