A Quick Comment on the Latest ICT Reaction.

Jan 6, 2017 by

The ICT have reacted again to things beyond their own control, producing this statement ICT Statement on the Dissolution of the GIO (Canada) however not surprisingly it does contradict there previous statement in many areas and they make a complete U-turn in five days, (See here Communist Workers’ Organisation Statement on the Resignation of MS and the Crisis in the GIO) from one minute defending Alexis and the GIO, to then telling them to disband, yet they are more than happy to attack me for taking 10 days of long and difficult reflection before I resigned and the fact that I have been fully open about it being a mistake for me to have become a full member.  It is also very worrying they try and further discredit the GIO with Stalinist style politics, yet in June 2014 while JS was doing a speaking tour in Canada he said in a email “Great meeting last night with lots of lively contributions from all comrades. The work they (The GIO) are doing here is putting the rest of us to shame.” 

Further points of interest to note, why didn’t the ICT make a statement back in Nov 15 about N and about A (exposing N for what he is and saying we are investigaing rape charges against another member, why wasn’t A suspended back in Nov 15 when they found out about all of this at the IB meeting in Italy? Why did it take 6 months before some of the information reached CWO members in April 16? Because R had already made it public? Why was the CWO still defending A and the actions of GIO in October 2016?

The reality is that without my public and R’s resignation nothing would have ever been made public and maybe not even the general membership would have found out.

The ICT can talk all it wants about oppression of women and make quotes from its publications, but it is the actions of the organisation that show it’s real side, the silence, the attempts to cover it up, rape apologist statements from it’s members, the denial, the Stalinist style attacks aimed at discrediting those that dare to speak out, it’s cult like leadership style where the same 2-3 people run the organisation for 40 years and everything is done at the top behind closed door and therefore making any claim to elect (rubber stamp is a better description) the EC and IB member a farce. 

This is not the actions of a communist organisation, but those of a decaying sect!

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