Solidarity appeal for the renovation of Gondolkodó Autonóm Antikvárium (Gondolkodó Autonomous Bookshop) 2013 Summer.

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1016777_269840853157997_103316564_nThe Gondolkodó Autonomous Bookshop is the only workers’ movement distribution place, library and meeting-place in the East Central European region (namely in Hungary) which has been functioning continuously for many years (now for 20 years). Now this place must be renovated because the walls are wet and mouldy, the mortar has been falling, the sets of shelves are rickety, the drainpipe is often clogged up etc. The condition of the library has been worsening gradually and also the distribution of publications is harder under these circumstances.


Since we can not pay for all the costs of the general renovation we ask for your financial help in order that we could do the renovation during the summer. Please support this aim according to your possibilities (if you can send 10 Euros then do it, but if you have more money you can send a bigger amount).


Comrades, activists and sympathisers, please spread our solidarity appeal and support us!


Thanks for your help in the name of internationalist proletarian solidarity!






Hungary- Bp-1012 . Logodi Utca 51


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Raiffeisen BANK


Name : Tütö László


Iban : HU 3912 0101 5401 3152 1900 2000 06


Swift code : UBRTHUHB



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