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220px-English_language_Communist_International_issue_6What is the Left Communist Network forum?

The Left Communist Network forum was originally created in January 2013 to be a forum where sympathisers of the Communist Left could meet and discuss. At present, the membership is exclusively composed of those who are outside of formal organisations of the Communist Left. The original invitations were sent out to some contacts of the ‘founders’ of the network. These contacts then sent out invitations of their own. The initial coming together of the 20-or-so members was expected to be a short-term phenomenon, before a public announcement of the formation of the network, and a general invitation to unaligned Left Communists to participate. However, it was suggested from the very first that the forum membership could later be expanded to include those in organisations. A mechanism for this was never worked out.

Different participants in the early days had different ideas about how the network could develop. Some saw it as only a discussion site; some wanted the network to become involved in a co-operative publishing venture; some wanted to use it as the basis for further regroupment of revolutionaries. None of these perspectives have happened over the last 9-10 months. There has been little discussion; there has been no concrete move towards setting up a publishing venture; no ‘organising of the un-organised’ has taken place. The network never moved beyond the point of a small group talking about talks. The forum, intended as a way to organise discussions for the ‘opening out’ of the network, never generated the discussion necessary to move any further. What there is, is a small group of sympathisers of the Communist Left, and a forum.

The active membership of the forum has now decided that it really is time to make the existence of the forum ‘public’. Nearly 5 years ago, a ‘Left Communist internet forum’ was proposed by ex-members of the CBG, for the sharing of information and to aid discussion between supporters of different organisations. There may have been other proposals of a similar nature about which we are not aware; but certainly it was proposed then. The Left Communist Network forum could fulfil that role. To that end, we’re making the forum public, and inviting all Left Communists, both inside and outside organisations, to join it.

We see the forum as being one for fraternal discussion. We hope all comrades from whatever background or organisation will see this as a useful goal and take part in a constructive fashion. While serious disagreements will inevitably arise, disruptive or abusive behaviour – however it might be excused politically – will not be tolerated.

8th November 2013


  1. radicalchains

    The website/forum seems to be down or gone. There hasn’t been much activity lately either.

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