My Resignation from the CWO/ICT

Oct 4, 2016 by

spartakusAfter much thought and reflection after the 6 monthly meeting I have
decided to resign from the Communist Workers’ Organisation/Internationalist Communist Tendency (CWO/ICT).

A number of issues have finally led me to this decision.
The Turkey article nonsense around the word “old” and nonsense, along
with the over reactions whenever disagreements appear like on the
Paris bombing and also the Italian translated article around Dallas
and Baton Rouge, has lead me to believe that the CWO/ICT is to stuck
in its ways to be dragged into the 21 century, while it has clearly
moved forward on some things, Facebook page/internal bulletin, this is
simply tinkering. The fear expressed because someone disagreed
publicly (on a private email list for member and friends of the
CWO/ICT) with the article written by a Italian comrade on Turkey is
totally baffling.

The Canadian rape affair

The fact that after 11 months without a single public comment being
made by ICT or any section on the “rape crisis” within the Canadian
section (GIO) isn’t simply bad, but beyond the pale. The shrieks in
the meeting when I dared to suggest the Canadian section (3 people)
should be dumped, along with the idea I have heard a number of times
that it’s just the feminists trying to stir up trouble, suggests the
ICT doesn’t either understand or take seriously the question of rape.
The fact that a member of the GIO with a past history of rape came
into the organisation without it being publicly know is not a form of
positive rehabilitation and even then, who is deciding whether someone
is rehabilitated or not? He then went on a speaking tour in the UK and
still nobody other than the GIO knew about his past. The fact that no
public apology has come from the GIO or the the International Bureau
(IB) of the ICT since it found out in November 2015 and also no public
comment from Alexis either for that matter is disgusting. Not to
mention the fact that he is still a member of the organisation.

No revolutionary organisation is ever perfect, but a public statement
should have been released straight away under the circumstances at the
very least and by breaking off relations with the GIO until it either
withered away, dissolved or sorted itself out, however nothing has
been done. In a email to a EC member back in April when I first heard
some of this I wrote,

“further to my email and rereading the international report and the
stuff on Facebook (which is all still there, i never noticed it before
now) dating back since Feb. The group needs to put out a statement
asap on this situation, as it is no longer acceptable to have some
sort of resolution on the matter before commenting. Rehabilitation
takes more than just saying sorry, it means being fully transparent
all the time. The fact that Alexis came here and did a speaking tour
and failed to mention whatever he did in his past, is a total breach
(odd that the other didn’t think to mention it, but the blame lies
with Alexis first and foremost) of transparency and at odds with the
idea rehabilitation.”

For all the above there is still much good stuff in the ICT, but it
won’t move forward until it can deal with the above and I am not
sure if the ICT can do that at the moment. For my part I will continue
with my page/website and other projects while promoting a
internationalist left communist outlook.




  1. Question: Did the GIO comrade commit rape or not?
    From what we’ve heard here in Canada the case was thrown out of court.
    Yes that’s a bourgeois court. But none the less one would think more examination and evidence would be necessary. If you have more information it would be welcome.
    Don’t forget accusations of rape have been a party favorite of the state, most notably in the US directed against the black population in general and militants in particular as away of discrediting struggles and reinforcing racist divisions(any defence of those accused would be denounced as a defence of rape) This also serves to disguise the real sources of ‘rape culture and gender inequality’ the capitalist property and consequent power relations which permeate every aspect of everyday life.


  2. Communist

    Yes he did commit rape and he himself admitted to that.

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