Midlands Discussion Forum Presents an Afternoon of Discussion on ‘Labouring in Vain’

Jul 21, 2015 by

vainMidlands Discussion Forum presents an afternoon of discussion on ‘Labouring in Vain’

The left wing and their followers are wallowing in projects to reclaim, renovate and/or redesign the Labour Party.

Responding to these dead ends, the Midlands Discussion Forum will be holding a public meeting to remember the real role of Labour as a prop of the capitalist system for the last 100 years. We totally reject the left’s prescriptions for hopeless searches for a non-existent golden age of Labourism. Instead, we will argue the need for politics rooted in the independent self-organisation of the international working class.

No more Labouring in Vain! For resistance leading to revolution!”


In Sheffield on the 22nd of August from 2pm till 6pm at the Rutland Arms, 86 Brown St, Sheffield, S1 2BS. Which is 5 minutes walk away from both the train and bus station.


  1. slothjabber

    Hi, is the audio for this meeting available on the Free Communist site? If it is I can’t find it.

  2. slothjabber

    Sorry, wrong topic, I of course meant to post this on the thread for the June meeting.

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