Manchester Anarchist Bookfair Report

Nov 25, 2013 by

IMAG0222Thought the event was good and it seemed to be the best attended of the 3 I’ve been to, only managed to attend one meeting which was the one on Syria. it was useful for information about what is going on there and to understand the different groups and there roles in the civil war. Need to look into what the speaker called local neighbourhood councils. Though I should say it was from a very liberal democratic human rights perspective.

The Free Communist stall did good, gave out loads of copies of the paper and sold lots of pamphlets.

After the Bookfair went for a drink with a local communist and also people from Afed.

Should also say thanks to those that helped with running the stall


  1. Leila Shrooms

    thanks for your feedback on my talk. I think we need to be clear that the revolutions across the Arab world are revolutions for human rights and democracy- that is the core of people’s demands. That being said, i do think that from all the Arab Spring movements anarchist tendencies are the strongest in Syria – in terms of the experiments in horizontal self organization that are taking place -may they grow! Sending you some more info about the local committees/councils solidarity!

    • Communist

      Thank you for the link, I will read through it later, I also want to get around to looking at some of the other links you provided at the meeting, including freedom days.

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