A Timeline of Events Inside the Canadian Section of the ICT Regarding Rape.

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Following my resignation from the CWO/ICT UK I hoped they would take on board some of the points I made, but instead they decided to make personal attacks, talk about enemies of Marxism and other such nonsense.  

To be clear this timeline is not aimed at saying whether or not Alexis has committed further acts of sexual violence (rape) or whether or not he is a reformed person. What is clear is that he failed to stand by his agreement when he joined the GIO, of being honest and open with everyone he came into contact with about his past.

The ICT has failed to quickly and publicly deal with the situation in a honest and open way instead (14 months and still no clear statement), choosing to keep the problem behind closed doors amongst a small group of founding members and only react to events beyond their control.

All the information below has come from posts on social media, emails and internal CWO/ICT documents. Further details and events may have been missed or come to light in the future. Likewise a response to the CWO statement on my resignation is being worked on.



First two events quoted from a CWO Executive Committee (EC) and International Bureau (IB) member JS, It should also be pointed out this is only Alexis’s side of the story, but is taken as fact by the ICT. Only the first event is mentioned in the GIO statement.

“Just to be clear the comrade has not admitted to rape in the legal bourgeois sense but under the influence of ecstasy and alcohol to have “hurt” a girl. His version of the story is that he and another 17 year old went on picnic (with alcohol) and then started taking each others clothes off. Realising they had no condom they went back to his mother’s house where they went to bed but the women appears to have changed her mind (which is not abnormal) but was too scared to tell him. He blacked out under the influence of the drug and when he woke the next morning she was gone. A few weeks later she reported it as rape to the police but because she had not explicitly withdrawn her consent they said the act was consensual. Good enough for the bourgeoisie but not good enough for us. A second woman who he had slept with that year (2011) heard about the first case and also reported him to the police but when questioned admitted they had consensual sex but “I did not like his attitude”.”[1]

On the Libcom forum someone called Olive claiming to be from Canada has suggested it went as far as going to court.



Quebec student struggle against tuition fee hikes Alexis is involved.



Alexis joined GIO in March 2013 after telling them of his past. R is reported as having said that as long as he criticised it and told everyone about it then there was such a thing as rehabilitation.

A had also been a member of other political organisations before joining GIO, including an anarchist group.

November and December Alexis is living in Edinburgh (UK) and does a speaking tour of the UK on the Student strikes in Quebec. At no point does he bring up his past.



“A covering letter by him [Alexis] was also sent in 2014 to members of a political group in Ontario (Common Cause) to try to clarify the matter” [2] They refuse to have anything to do with the GIO.

JS visits Canada and nothing is mentioned about A’s past. 



“Some actions have been carried out against our group and against one member in particular.”[2] Very unclear as to when, how many actions, or by who, or whether it was organised or not, but JS says that someone had a tampon put in their drink.

September GIO hold a meeting about A’s past but things aren’t resolved.

November Alexis attends the International Bureau (IB) in Rome and tells the IB about his past. The IB doesn’t produce minutes for the general membership to hold it accountable and so what was discussed with A will never come to light.

From GIO statement  dated August 2016 “We have already expelled a member for a case of domestic violence” the date (2015?) of when this happens is unclear as neither the GIO or ICT publish any statement and is only mentioned in passing in GIO statement.



January long standing GIO member R resigns on Facebook and attacks A with a number of posts both in English and French. A quote from just one,

“As long as the coward and abuser is associated to the ICT, all is lost in Canada. If an ICT delegate comes here, he or she will meet dozens of witnesses. End of story. But for now, we have no majority. D’s self induced mission that he meet to confirm for a second time all of Alexis victims is unacceptable. Many of those women accepted to speak to me with difficulty. I spoke to them finally because I am known. I think in total we have dozens of cases, It is known throughout Canada. Daniel has demanded that he meet for a second time all these women, because I COULD be lying… I told him, I have known you for 40 years. I am saying the truth. If you do not believe me, that is sad, but I am not going to impose all these women to a second interrogatory to please you imbeciles. If you do not believe me on such a tragic issue, we are done. Well, we were done. It is a tragedy.”[1] It should be pointed out that English isn’t R’s first language, also there are claims that R’s didn’t know what he was says at the time by JS. However R still stands by them.

7th of April it is mentioned in the internal International report. In a bizarre twist it is then suggested that Alexis to take disciplinary measures against R once he has “cleared” his own name, because of the way in which he resigned and made public that Alexis had raped someone and that further allegations exist. Like the ICT has any say over ex-members.

8th of April I write to a senior member of the EC/IB and founding member JS, saying that a public statement needs to be put out straight away, but nothing happens.

GIO plan a meeting for the end of April to sort the “mess” out. The ICT will issue a statement on the outcome (this never happens). “In June [GIO] they issued a statement in French which we have translated to sit alongside this one. The ICT delayed its publication because we considered it was not robust enough and hoped to get it further amended. It is a brief announcement of where they currently stand.”[3] Where was this Statement issued as it never appeared on the website.

Contact J won’t join GIO while A is a member. CWO, EC and IB member JS states “in my view J is the best comrade in Montreal.

24th September 6 monthly CWO meeting in Sheffield. CWO member blames feminists for causing trouble. I suggest GIO should be expelled and am shocked that this is still going on, but become a full member of the CWO.

October 4th I resign from CWO/ICT  stating “After much thought and reflection after the 6 monthly meeting”[4] and put the resignation on my website.

October 11, 2016 CWO publish a statement attempting to downplay the reason for my resignation and therefore downplaying the seriousness of the whole crisis.  

They also publish GIO statement now dated August 2016 at the bottom of the page, this statement wasn’t published anywhere till October 11th.

Only a week later and after saying “Each affiliate has its own way of working in the geographical area they live in. That means the International Bureau is a coordinating body and cannot instruct an affiliate on how to act”[3] the ICT changes their position and write to GIO saying disband or we will disaffiliate you.

October 22nd GIO Statement appears in French, but is removed after only a week.



January, The silence from the ICT is deafening, GIO statement is not translated into German or Italian and no ICT statement has appeared even though I’m accused of “pre-empt[ing] any statement the ICT was preparing on the problem of the GIO”[3]


[1] Facebook posts

[2] GIO statement

[3] Statement on the Resignation of MS

[4] My Resignation from the CWO/ICT

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